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Surviving a Mass Shooting: Law Enforcement Officer Train-the-trainer


Officers will learn how to instruct citizens in the protecting Your Family in Public Places course utilizing the research-based model found in Mass Shootings:Six Steps for Survival. This program specifically designed for law enforcement personnel will teach officers from around the country how to properly instruct the Protecting Your Family in Public Places course.  In the initial portion of the presentation John Matthews author of Mass Shootings:Six Steps to Survival discusses how to pre-plan with family members in an age-appropriate manner prior to ever leaving your home.  The second segment of the seminar focuses on how everyone is responsible for their own safety and specific steps that can be taken to improve one’s situational awareness and limit danger.  In the final portion of the presentation the ESCAPE model will be presented.  This easy-to-remember six-step model is based on over thirty years of data on the successful actions taken and decisions made by victims of public attacks.  Officers will receive all curriculum, materials and access to a secured instructors portal which will allow them to continue to provide potentially life-saving information to the public long after the initial seminar has concluded.

De-escalation Training

For over twenty years CSI has been developing training initiatives for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Our de-escalation training has reached over 600 agencies while our Train-the-Trainer has reached over 7,000 officers and continues to grow.  Built by a CSI team of experienced law enforcement professionals, academicians and psychologists your agency will receive the most comprehensive training and liability protection available.  Each of our courses include: facilitated instruction, video discussion, interactive role-playing and scenario-based case studies. CSI was selected by the White House as the developer of the Law Enforcement De-escalation Strategies and Tactics for their 21st Century Briefing series and is the developer of the popular Department of Justice Public Safety De-escalation Tactics course and Train-the-Trainer.

Conducting Campus assessments

This one-day instructor’s course on conducting school safety assessments is designed to provide both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement officers with the skills and tools necessary to conduct a thorough safety assessment of primary, secondary, college and university campuses. These assessments will include both interior and exterior examinations of the facilities, as well as instruction in comparing current campus crisis response policies to actual procedures as they relate to the built environment. In this course, officers will learn to utilize a proprietary assessment instrument developed by the Community Safety Institute, containing more than 300 hundred safety and security items. Assessors will learn how to examine the physical structure; safety and security elements of the campus; and technologies used to protect the facility, from locks to lighting, from cameras to detection, delay and deterrent capabilities. Attendees will learn a specific methodology and gain an understanding of the types of interviews that should be conducted with staff, students and stakeholders to provide a complete and unfiltered view of campus safety and security. This training will illustrate numerous examples of safety and security hazards that assessors should identify and record for corrective action. Officers will also learn how CPTED plays a role in these assessments, and how to properly record deficiencies for follow-up and further evaluation or corrective measures. Whenever possible, this course will be conduced at a facility where officers can receive classroom instruction and then utilize the facility or an actual campus to practice their assessment, documentation and reporting skills.